Taylor Swift launches new perfume with Elizabeth Arden!

Taylor Swift launches new perfume with Elizabeth Arden!

Teaming up with Elizabeth Arden, Taylor Swift set to create her own signature scent!

Country singing sensation Taylor Swift has announced a brand new collaboration with leading beauty brand Elizabeth Arden.

Joining Arden’s celeb-heavy ranks of Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Mariah Carey, Taylor's in good company!

Eager to get involved in all aspects of the scent’s creation, Taylor has announced she will be selecting her own personal notes for the scent, while giving her seal of approval to the fragrance packaging. And although specifics are yet to be confirmed, it's reported that the 20-year-old singer can’t wait to start work!


‘I have always loved how fragrance can shape a memory... the way certain scents remind you of events and people that are imprinted in your thoughts.’ Taylor told press.

‘Lately I’ve been having fun experimenting with combining some of my favourite scents, so I’m really excited about working with Elizabeth Arden to develop my own unique fragrance.’

And if her musical talent is anything to go by, we're sure that Taylor's new signature scent will be a big hit. The brand new fragrance is set to launch late 2011.

By Asha Joneja


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