8 Tattoo Artists You NEED To Follow On Instagram

From Cara's go-to tattoo artist Bang Bang to the totes adorns father and son tattoo duo @dr_woo_ssc, these are the tattoo artists you need to be following on instagram. Prepare to lose days…

1. The Studio Ghibli Lover - @kolahari


Located in Soho's The Circle London, tattoo artist Kola Hari is known for epic Japanese-inspired designs and a love for all things Ghibli. If fairytale towns,Totoro, goldfish and geishas are you're thing, this will be right up your street.


2. The Romantic - @marthasmithtattoo


The strongest signature tattoo style we've seen in a while, there's no mistaking Martha Smith's whimsical dot work. From floral botanical blooms and bunnies to pet portraits and totally cute hedgehog pot plants (yup), the sky's the limit when it comes to romantic imagination here.


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3. The Celeb Fave - @bangbangnyc


When you can name Rihanna and Cara Delevingne among your biggest fans, you know you've done something right. Inking everyone who's anyone, Bang Bang (as his friends call him) is the hottest tattoo artist right now. Turning his hand to anything from watercolour style splashes and tribal prints to hyper real portraits and rainbow Disney castles, he's the ultimate chameleon of the tattoo world.


@georgiagreynyc ❤️❤️❤️

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4. The Nature Lover - @juju.tattoos


Ultra pretty, indie inkings of foraged blossom, found shells, sharks and mountain tops make JuJu the place to go for a unique and emotive tattoo. Trust us, you'll want to add all of these to the Pinterest board.


5. The Body Art Pro - @mxmtt


One for the more hardcore tattoo fans out there, artist Maxime Buchi doesn't do ink by halves. Covering torsos in epically dark designs full of iconography and graphic lines, and enveloping legs in heavily shaded wings and gothic architecture, this is the place to go for a top to toe piece. Think long term art work rather than misguided doodle.


#torsotattoo #chestattoo #composition #sacredgeometry #pattern #dotwork #moonandsun

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6. The Detail Obsessive - @delphinenoiztoy


For this tattoo artist, the devil is in the detail. Want a crazily detailed historical portrait complete with jewelled crown inked? Delphine can do it. How about a perfectly symmetrical intricately tessellated graphic design? Yup, Delphine's your gal. Just check out her own ink - let's just say there's not much skin left...


7. The Tradition Innovator - @henbohenning


Forget old hat tattoos that scream 'mistake', Liverpool cool kid Henbo is taking traditional tattoos and reinventing them for 2015. From typical seafaring motifs like pirate ships and giant squids to grim reapers and swallows, Henbo takes the trad and turns it on its head.


8. The Illustrator/The One With The Cutest Son Ever - @dr_woo_ssc


Fun one based off artwork brought in from my client the other day

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Now, we don't want to pick favourites, but when your son is as cute as Dr Woo's, it's hard not to. Moving on from THAT pout, Dr Woo's tattoo's are, to be frank, awesome. Super delicate, shaded illustrations without the thick, cartoon lines of traditional tarts, they look more like an image that happened to be printed on your skin, rather than a random picture you decided on when drunk. You know that legendary tattoo regret? Yeah, that doesn't happen when you go to Woo.

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