Tanning Expert Jules Heptonstall On How To REALLY Nail Your Fake Tan

Tanning Expert Jules Heptonstall  On How To REALLY Nail Your Fake Tan

Get your wooden spoons ready…

We all love a little fake tan but getting (and keeping) that golden glow isn’t always easy.  While an all over sun-kissed look might be attractive, orange hands and streaking legs are definitely not. But last week, St. Tropez’s tanning & skin finishing expert Jules Heptonstall took over our Twitter to answer your tanning queries. Here’s what he had to say (this man really does know a thing or two about tanning…)

Goodbye deodorant
Make sure you avoid applying deodorant BEFORE you tan (you’ll thank us later) as it can act as a barrier leading to discoloration and patchiness. Yes, it works; no you’re not going to smell.

Hello wooden spoons
When it comes to fake tanning we like to think we’re pretty good at achieving an all over golden glow. But underneath our clothes lies a patchy, streaky secret – our backs.  Jules’s advice? Either turn your mitt back to front or tape it to a wooden spoon to get to those hard to reach places. GENIUS.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…
Whether you’re using a gradual tan or an overnight one, make sure you exfoliate before application. It’ll keep your skin smooth AND help to give you a streak free tan. Pass the scrub…

Streak no more
Not all fake tans are created equal – sadly our tans don’t always go to plan but never fear because Jules has the answer for banishing those streaks. Just mix a little lemon juice and salt with your favourite body polish and voila – the streaks are gone.

The humble mitt – it’s your new BFF
Never tan without using a mitt ladies! Whether you’re working a gradual or a mousse, always use one. The product will go on smoother, your tan will look better and as an added bonus you won’t be plagued with orange hands for the rest of the week.

Tackling age-spots
Pesky age-spots are annoyingly good at soaking up fake tan – to stop this, apply a little aloe vera moisturiser to them using a cotton bud and if possible opt for a spray tan over a mousse.

The week long tan
It is possible to rock sun kissed skin for a whole week without going on holiday. From Monday to Thursday use a gradual tan to build colour throughout the week and on a Friday apply a mousse to keep your tan fresh all weekend.

Aloe, Aloe…
Not just a pleasantly scented house plant – aloe vera is also the secret weapon for perfectly faking that golden glow. Why? This wonder ingredient won’t break down your tan like regular aloe free moisturisers. We suggest you hit the shops and stock up asap because this heat wave is going nowhere soon…

For even more fabulous fake tan tips checkout Jules’s Youtube channel or follow him at @julesvonhep & don't forget to pick up our August issue for your FREE sample of the St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion.

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