Why Sweater Nails (Aka The Cosiest Nail Art Trend Ever) Are Our New Instagram Obsession

Shattered glass nails are so two months ago, we're all about cosy sweater nails now…


Yes, for months we were moaning about it not being cold enough, but now the chill is here, frankly we don't want it!

The latest way we're keeping cosy? With knitted sweater nails of course! The latest nail art trend to take instagram by storm, sweater nails are our latest mani obsession.

So what are they? Well sort of exactly what it says on the tin - textured nail art that looks like your fave winter cable knit but totally chic. Yes, really.

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Ok, now we HAVE to try it. Bring on the instructions!

1. Paint your nails with a base colour then use a fine nail art brush to apply 3D sculpting gel, mixed with the same nail varnish, in tiny lines that look like knitted stitches on top.

TIP: A thicker gel looks more 3D.

2. Go for a second layer of the gel to make the knit pattern look even more 3D.

3. Leave to dry and voila! Your nails are now officially the cosiest they'll ever look.

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For sweater nail inspo hop over to instagram. There's everything from full on knitted nails to a casual statement cable knit nail and even inlaid knitted hearts in appropriately cosy-themed manis. Really, the sweater nail world is your oyster.



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