Event Hair: Not Nearly As Intimidating As You Thought

Event Hair: Not Nearly As Intimidating As You Thought

Weddings, festivals, summer parties - if only you had a hairstyle for each one. Thanks to super hairstylist Kenna, now you do.

Day At The Races

‘I love the idea of underdone hair at sporting events such as Cartier Polo or Wimbledon’s VIP box. Something like a straight- from-the-gym high pony oozes glam in daytime territory. Tip your head upside down and gather hair into a ponytail. Go brush-free and use your fingers instead, so you still have all the natural bumps. Fix your pony just above the crown; any lower and it’ll look too sporty.’

Garden Party

‘Do the opposite of what you’d expect for an outdoor event and go for poker-straight hair. Think Leigh Lezark kinda straight. It’s an amazing contrast if you’re wearing something floaty. Use straightening irons for exaggerated sleekness and a touch of hairspray if you want extra shine. Have an inkling the party will get wild? Go for a half-up, half-down style. It’s ideal if you’re likely to end up dancing like a Delevingne.’

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Late-Night Soirée 

‘Step away from top knots for events, as they can look a bit naff. Putting hair up? Aim to use the least amount of pins possible – that’s the trick to undone updos. Use prep products like a blow-dry or volume spray to give the style more guts and hold. Plan ahead; your outfit should set the tone for your hair.’

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Country Wedding

‘Ditch the hat and try a hair accessory instead. Matte metallics are great as they won’t compete with your outfit. Blow-dry your hair, then create loose waves with a wand. Leave an inch at the ends straight to keep it fresh.’

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Day Festival

‘Festivals like Wilderness and House need something cooler than a crown of daisies. No one wants wilting blooms in their hair, although some faux flowers can look pretty and will go the distance at an all-day event. I’m a big fan of braids, and they’re perfect on hair that’s slightly dirty. Go all the way around your head or keep it asymmetric, braiding one side and securing under half-down hair.’


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