9 Awesome Brands That Secretly Do Beauty, Ssssh!

9 Awesome Brands That Secretly Do Beauty, Ssssh!

From Muji to Swarovski, there's a new secret skincare crowd on the block and we want in…

When it comes to shopping for those little indulgent extras, we've got our default destinations down.

We're off to Muji for those perfect plastic containers that somehow nowhere else does and are just the right size for our pens/nail varnishes/ bits and bobs we should  have actually thrown away by now, we're nipping in to Laduree for those much-needed macarons and if we're feeling particularly indulgent we know Diptyque is the place to nab ourselves the most amazing smelling candle we've convinced ourselves we need. Each room in our house has a different vibe, ok?

So when our fave boutique brands are hiding a secret line of skincare and beauty as well, it's safe to say we just added a whole new load of products to our treat 'yo self lust list.

Sorry bank statement…


We know what you're thinking, 'How did Accessorize not do beauty before?!' Yup, that's exactly what we thought. But it's true. The high street heavyweight and our go-to for all things accessories (duh, the clue's in the name) have launched their new and totally covetable beauty range. With everything from jewel tone eyeshadows and lip glosses to ultra-glittery nail varnishes and their innovative Magic Lashes mascara with a wand that can be twisted into no less than three different positions, it's safe to say we'll be buying the whole lot.

Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate skincare? Yup, this might be the most delicious discovery we've made in a while. With everything from hand cream to candles, Hotel Chocolat is our new all in one gifting destination. We can't get enough of their Bois Nef Nourishing Bath Oil, £25. Full of mandarin, black pepper, jasmine and roasted cocoa, if we can't actually go to their cocoa plantation in St Lucia, a drop of this in our evening dip and a little imagination will do the trick.

Sophie La Girafe

The cutest baby brand ever, Sophie La Girafe is the chicest (and squeakiest) way to help your newborn through teething. If you're as obsessed with their adorable giraffe toys as we are, you'll love their organic skincare range for children. Our fave? The Baby Hair and Body Wash, £11.99. With white tea, lavender water and cotton, it's super gentle on delicate skin. The best bit? It's great for adults too. If, like us, you're a little prone to allergies or eczema, then you'll love this.


Totally luxe and over the top, Laduree's skincare is exactly what you'd expect from the indulgent French patisserie. Gold embellished bottles feel vintage and expensive, without looking too old lady. We love the Pearl Treatment Serum and Treatment Oil but honestly, if we had our way, we'd treat ourselves to the entire range (including their makeup) and pretend we're in a posh hotel somewhere in Paris.


Speak to anyone who's into their candles (yes, that's a thing) and they'll always rave about Diptyque. Completely legendary for their addictive scents and iconic monochrome packaging, these are the candles to have on your coffee table (if only when people you want to impress come round). And now they do skincare. Yup, the super chic sounding L'Art du Soin range includes everything from Cleansing Balm, £44 and Exfoliating Clay, £44 to Hair Oil, £36 and the product we'll be investing our hopes in, Radiance Boosting Powder, £38. The best bit? The range includes all Diptyque's legendary scents, so now your skin can smell like your living room, in a good way!


First things first, yes Muji do skincare, and yes it's ridiculously cheap. Starting at just £2.50, their minimal but oh so cool beauty products are a total bargain. The mandarin scented massive pump jar of Body Soap, £3.95 and the Face Soap, £2.50 leave skin squeaky clean and do exactly what they say on the tin, and the extra long thin cotton buds are must-haves for every make-up artist we've ever met. We advise splurging on all of it, even if it's just for an excuse to buy the awesome white net washbag.


When your skincare is made by the people behind the world's best crystals, it's a safe bet you're gonna look pretty damn radiant. Enter Swarovski. Their Aura body lotion that accompanies their swish perfume leaves you with luminescent skin worthy of a Victoria's Secret Angel covered in crystals. Or somewhere close anyway.

& Other Stories

So this one isn't so new, but here at InStyle HQ we're hardcore & Other Stories fans and want to spread the skincare word. Put simply, their range is massive, dedicated to different skin types and with every product you could ever need. The packaging is simple, fresh and feels like something out of a French pharmacy without being too serious, mainly thanks to cute product names like Punk Bouquet Body Souffle, £10, the candles are minimal and pretty and won't break the bank, basically we could go on and on forever because we want it all. Need an instant way to add a chic hit of 2015 to your kitchen sink/bathroom/coffee table? Buy it all. Now. If it's sold out, soz, we got there first.


Ok, so it's not technically skincare, but Ferrari's perfumes are heading straight to the top of our lust list. If, like us, you're not quite to the point in your career where you can afford a bright red drop top, Ferrari's Pure Lavender EDt, £75, adds a bit of va va vroom to your dressing table, without the bank balance panic. Full of cardamom and bergamot, this soon to be classic scent is super uplifting and even better, the minimal glass bottle looks ultra-expensive. Keep it in your glovebox for a on the go supercar spritz.

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