KARL LAgerfeld teams up with Shu Uemura

Stephane Feugere

Calling all beauty fans, it's the fashion make-up collaboration of the year; fashion king Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with beauty brand Shu Uemura to create a stunning Christmas collection.


Revealing that he's long been a fan of Shu Uemura - even using his pressed eye shadows to sketch with, Karl said: "I love sketching in the morning.  When I go to sleep, I always put my pens and papers next to my bed.  I use Shu Uemura eye shadow [to] sketch, since Shu Uemura has fantastic colors.  I design with Shu Uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colours.”

Joining forces to create an entire collection in homage to the brand, all the packaging is designed purely by Karl - who even took all the campaign photographs too.

Stay tuned for more details as we get them.

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