Shower Fake Tan: St Tropez’s Revolutionary New Lotion

Shower Fake Tan: St Tropez’s Revolutionary New Lotion
St Tropez

Shower fake tan, and St Tropez’s Gradual Tan In Shower in particular, is the latest beauty industry obsession. We trial it to see if it's worth the hype...

St Tropez's shower fake tan, after years of lotions, mousses and sprays, is a truly revolutionary idea; the USP being it can be applied in the shower for ‘a low maintenance, all year round glow’.

The process is simple. Shower as usual with soap, rinse off (but do not dry) and apply the lotion. Then, rinse it off and pat dry. The tan then develops throughout the day, the moisturising formula hydrating skin for an even tan. Perfect for first time tanners and top-ups, the gradual tan gives you a subtle glow after one day of use which builds to a deeper tan if used daily.

The tanning agent, somewhat surprisingly, is 100% natural – it contains Almond Oil so you don’t have to moisturise, and it won’t stain your new Fired Earth tiles.

In theory it eradicates nearly all of the common fake tan gripes; the smell, the telltale tidemarks, the orange sheets and collars… But in practice? We tested it to find out…

The InStyle Verdict

As an avid fake tanner, I was obviously intrigued when I heard about St Tropez’s newest innovation.

With no idea how this newfangled product would work, I read the instructions a good few times before embarking on the trial.

My first thoughts were that the formula is seriously silky and smooth. Slippery really, to the point of me feeling the need to warn the next person in the shower in case they fell over. (They didn’t.)

I was unsure how thick to slather on the cream and was unsure how much uneven coverage would affect the overall colour but (luckily) watched the handy St Tropez video and realised it was less than I’d thought. First tanning nightmare averted.

Though it’s a chilly three minutes, in which I did brush my teeth – as recommended by St Tropez to pass the time, it’s nothing on the usual tanning rigmarole. No need for mitts or babygrows…

It developed throughout the day, as it says it will. On the first day, it was a subtle tint; the right amount to take of that shocking post-winter pallor. I like a deep tan so was dubious whether this would be the right product for me, but after the second and third application, it developed into an ample bronze shade. 

As promised, it doesn’t stain clothes or the bathroom, and the colour is gradual enough that that it doesn’t streak or leave you with telltale palms. It, for once, actually does do what it says on the tin.

St Tropez's Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is £14.50 from Boots or get a 50ml sample FREE with our August issue, on sale from 2 July.

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