Shock celebrity fragrance alert

Shock celebrity fragrance alert

Tilda Swinton is probably the most unlikely of celebrities to ever launch a fragrance, but she has and it’s called Like This

The actress, who is best known for her quirky red carpet outfits and her androgynous looks, has now crossed over from the acting world in to the perfume-making realm.

The I Am Love star has admitted to The Cut: ‘It's not something I ever, in a million Sundays, would have thought anyone would have asked me to do, because I don't really know about fragrance and I don't really care about fragrance.’

But Tilda was soon smitten with the idea of creating her own scent. ‘When I realised what they were really offering me was the opportunity to  mess around and have absolute final cut and put whatever I wanted into this bottle, I couldn't resist.’

The scent, according to Tilda, is omnisex (of course!) and has notes of ginger, baby carrot, pumpkin and oranges.

We cant wait to smell it!

You can buy Like This, £69 from Les Senteurs.

By Leanne Bayley

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