Sarah Jessica Parker’s multi-tasking beauty product revealed

Sarah Jessica Parker’s multi-tasking beauty product revealed

Sarah Jessica Parker's discovered an organic oil all the way from Chile which keeps her skin nourished and her hair hydrated, all in one product.


Now that she’s got her hands full with the twins (and son James), Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty regime must be taking a bettering with not much time for at-home pampering

Enter Aubrey Organic’s Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil, £10.76, a multi-tasking oil, all the way from Chile, which is 100% organic and bursting with vitamin C. Our PR spies tell us that this is what SJP relies on to keep her hair and skin (talk about killing two birds with one stone) in Carrie-worthy condition. 

Clearly her and her Sex and The City pals swap beauty notes on set as Kim Cattrall is also a fan. We’re sure it wont be long before Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) discover SJP's secret, perhaps on the set of the new SATC movie. 


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By Alice Ripman 



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