Primark Is Rolling Out In-Store Nail And Brow Bars With Teeny Prices To Boot

Primark Is Rolling Out In-Store Nail And Brow Bars With Teeny Prices To Boot

Primark is taking the next step in their high-street domination plan as they get ready roll out brow and nail bars across their stores nationwide, and it's happening sooner than you think...

Primark has just given us the best beauty news EVER! Not content with dominating the high-street fashion circuit, the powerhouse are now making the bold move to tackle the beauty world too, and it's very exciting. 

Yes, they've had their make-up range for a while now but Primark is upping their game by pairing up with Love Beauty to roll out a host of in-store nail and brow bars that come with the uber-friendly price-tags you'd expect from the bargainous brand.

When times are tight and pay-day seems years away, typically the last thing you'd do is treat yourself to a gorgeous mani. With this amazing new venture, however, you can pamper yourself while resting assured that your treatments won't break the bank; ideal for the cost-conscious among us.

And it's not just a basic file and polish that's on offer (though they have, of course, got that base covered). As well as standard mani's, the Primark/Love Beauty match made in pampering heaven will also offer it's clients services such as luxury mani's, gel nails, eyebrow threading, tinting and gorgeous lash extensions.

And, with prices starting at just £5, you'll be strapped to find a reason not to treat yourself to that nail art trend you've been dying to try.

Kicking things off in the Manchester Primark store on September 15th (yes, we're talking next week soon), Liverpool on the September 22nd and Dublin on the 29th, the service will then spread to more stores nationwide thereafter. Hooray!

Speaking of the partnership, Love Beauty's main woman and founder, Monika Mohindra explained the reason behind this beautiful union.

'Both our brands offer style and unparallelled value to women who desire accessible expertise. This is why Primark felt like the right place to launch.' We feel you, Monika. 

Primark and Love Beauty, we salute you. 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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