Why Pom Pom Nails Are Officially The Cutest Nail Trend EVER

Nails with pom poms on? We die...


First broken glass nails, then sweater nails, now pom pom nails?? We thought we'd seen it all when it came to crazy manis but thankfully there's always an adorable (and totally doable) new nail trend ready to send our fingertips into overdrive.

Enter pom pom nails. Imagined up in Korea, where all the best beauty trends are created, pom pom nails are the latest way to adorn your mani and go OTT on the Instagram inspo. It's totally a thing.

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Exactly what they sound like, pom pom nails are fuzzy or furry pom poms of any size stuck straight onto already painted nails. With a finished look somewhere between a cute clown and an Easter bunny, this might not be the most sophisticated nail trend ever, but it sure is the cutest.


I'm a nerd. Happy Easter. 🤓🐰

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Sure, it's not the most functional addition to your fingertips - we're thinking any job that involves typing/lifting/do anything practical whatsoever might not work so well and who even knows what happens when it rains - but damn does it look good. In this case, we say compliments can pay the rent!


Whether you're covering your whole hand in pom poms or going for a more pared back statement nail, our top tip is to use stick on falsies.

That way, when you inevitably have to use your hands to actually get some work done (snore) you can just pop them straight off to reveal your sad and pom pom-less nails beneath. Too depressing.

We're keeping ours on forever!

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