Pizza Hut Has A Nail Polish Range? Yes. Yes It Does...

Pizza Hut Has A Nail Polish Range? Yes. Yes It Does...

Forget the stuffed crust, Pizza Hut just came up with something even better (but not as tasty)...

In today's most delicious beauty news, word has come to us that Pizza Hut has branched out from the restaurant industry and concocted it's very own range of nail polishes. Because, well, why not?

The eight-shade collection features some spectacular pizza punning, too. Our favourites have to be the piggy pink 'Meat Me After Midnight' and the putty-hued 'Dough You Need Me.' Both already clear classics.

Pizza Hut Australia was the brains behind the concept, coming up with the idea over the Valentine's Day period when they decided to hold a pizza-themed poetry contest, awarding the best 30 poets with the whole nail range.


The only downside? This was for prizewinners only. And they're not available to buy… yet. Maybe if we ask nicely enough, Pizza Hut will make them available to the UK? We can only live in hope.

In the meantime, we'll have to have third helping at the ice cream factory to console ourselves.

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