Oily Skin – 8 Reasons It’s Actually A Blessing

Oily Skin – 8 Reasons It’s Actually A Blessing

Your t-zone may resemble a no-go zone and don’t get us started on slippy foundation but oily skin can in fact be a good thing (honest!). Here’s why;

1) You’ll get less wrinkles

“Oily skin is typically thick, robust skin,” says Cosmetic dermatologist to the stars Sam Bunting (http://www.drsambunting.com). “This means it tends to wrinkle less readily – I always liken it to folding a piece of cardboard versus a piece of tissue paper.”


2) Anti-aging creams work better for you

“As it’s more hardy, oily skin tends to be much more tolerant of 'actives' such as retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids (or hardcore anti-agers to you and me) so it's easier to build an effective anti-ageing or anti-blemish skincare system than in those with thin, dry skin,” says Dr Bunting.


3) You have a year-round ‘glow’

“Any negative connotations of oily skin change when the skin is clear,” says Dr Bunting. “Once my oil-prone patients get their blemishes under control 'greasy' suddenly becomes 'dewy'. Just think about that pregnancy glow we all covet - this is due to increased sebaceous gland activity as a result of progesterone which delivers more oil and sheen to skin than usual.”


4) You’re less prone to sun-damage

“Sebum (or oil) contains primary antioxidant vitamin E, making the skin less susceptible to sun damage,” says Dr Bunting.


5) You’ll be less affected by sensitivity

“Scaling, peeling and sensitivity are a lot less common in oily skin-types,” says Dr Bunting who adds that this also means that certain environmental challenges will be less problematic such as cold winter winds or the dry air of a plane cabin.


6) You don’t need as much moisturizer

“Oily skin is less prone to dehydration due to it’s in-built oil reserve,” says facialist extraordinaire Georgia Louise. “It’s all about moisture balance. In oily skin the sebaceous glands that naturally lubricate the skin maintain a high level of sebum or natural oil. This serves to keep the skin hydrated by preventing excessive moisture loss through evaporation.”


7) You have softer skin

“Dry, flaky rough-textured skin isn’t a problem for those with oilier skintypes,” says Georgia. “The natural oil within the skin keeps it feeling supple and gives it a youthful, moist appearance.”


8) You can save £££’s on make-up

“A glowy complexion has been high on the list of catwalk beauty looks for many seasons now so you’re very on trend!” says celebrity make-up artist and UK Ambassador for Max Factor Caroline Barnes. “You don’t need products that bounce light off your complexion as you create this naturally, so instead concentrate on mattifying your T-zone by starting with a primer. Feel lucky that you don’t have to break the bank on skin-brightening products like us lot with dry complexions!” 

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