Nicola Roberts: Surprise beauty crush

Nicola Roberts: Surprise beauty crush

We can’t help but notice how far Nicola Roberts has come in the beauty style stakes.

It’s not exactly news that Ms Roberts has dropped the day-glo orange look and embraced her paler tones, but there’s something more going on with her appearance than just a fake-tan-free beauty diet. But what is it?

Her hair?  Yes, thankfully she’s lost the extensions, warmed up her colour with strawberry blonde tones, has had it cut into a sophisticated but still youthful ‘shob’ (a.k.a shoulder-length bob), and combed it into a quirky comb-over side-part. But is that it?

Maybe it’s the make-up? Matte instead of sheeny foundations really work with her porcelain complexion and her statement lashes (courtesy of the new Girls Aloud range by Eyelure) really help her eyes stand out. 

“No! It’s her eyebrows!” says Alice, InStyle’s eyebrow-obsessed Beauty Writer. “They’re bushier – no tacky tadpole shape there!” 

Hmmm….maybe it’s a combo of all three? But it’s enough to make a stirring on the InStyle beauty desk. Who knows, maybe she is the next Cheryl-in-waiting…

By Donna Francis


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