NEW cellulite busting pants

NEW cellulite busting pants

The new way to have your cake and eat it this Christmas!

If like us, the thought of levering yourself into a slinky party dress this December is filling you with dread, then Debenham's new wonder pants could be the thing you're looking for.

The wonderous underwear claims to combat cellulite and reduce inches. The magic fibres of PeachyBody pants are a bit like your standard 62 denier tights but they're specially designed to help rid the body of toxins which are then processed by the kidneys and liver, helping to reduce the orange peel effect.

The makers claim that their tests show the pants, which look a bit like a pair of cycling shorts, can slim the waist, bottom and thighs up to three inches in three weeks.

'Where do we get ours?' We hear you cry… Fear not, Debenhams just started stoking the panties yesterday. They come in either black or nude and start at £25 going up to £38 for a leggings version.

Get them quick before they sell out! 08445 61 61 61 or go to where they will be available to buy from Thursday.

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