NEW BOOK Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules

NEW BOOK Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules
Bobbi Brown

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown’s new book for teens and twenties, Beauty Rules, is on sale now.

It’s been 10 years since Bobbi Brown released beauty bible and bestseller Teenage Beauty but she’s back with a new book for young faces, Beauty Rules.

With the next generation of teens and twenties in need of their own quick look beauty book, Bobbi Brown has come to the rescue with her new handy tips and step-by-step advice for youthful beauty.

Much more than just a book about make-up, Beauty Rules embraces the ethos of building beauty from the inside out. Alongside lipstick tips and skincare dos and don’ts is advice on healthy eating and exercise to help maintain a balanced lifestyle and natural beauty.


Writing from her own experience of being uncomfortable in her own teenage skin and experimenting with makeup as a means of feeling better about herself, Bobbi Brown hopes to instill confidence by showing ways to feel beautiful while staying natural.

With a model example of fans of the book, including Coco Rocha, Ben Grimes and Amber Le Bon, we’re sure Beauty Rules is going to fly off the shelves!


By Sarah Smith

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