Broken glass, or shattered glass, nails are officially the latest nail trend filling our Instagram feeds and occupying way too many hours of our allocated evening Pinterest time. Why? Because they're super cool, duh.

Not actually made from broken glass (that would be dangerous now wouldn't it?), shattered glass nails use slivers of coloured cellophane (that's thin sheet plastic to you and me) to create the looks of shards of glass. Dramatic, non?


Super shiny, multi-coloured and makes your nails look crazy pretty and ever so slightly futuristic, we're officially obsessed. We just want to stare at our hands all day, alright?!

Unsurprisingly it's no shocker that this super cool trend originated in South Korea. Developed by Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul and one of the negative space nail art pioneers, we're already scrolling through her Instagram stream. First sheet masks, then cushion compacts and now broken glass nails. God, they're good.


Back in the UK, the InStyle beauty team have decided they're the classy girl's answer to nail art. Opt for opalescent crystal-esque nails and you've got 2015's architectural update on the holographic mani. Mother of pearl is so hot right now.

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Alright, you've got us, we just like that it makes it look like we're wearing diamonds on our finger nails and honestly we appreciate that bling. So sue us.