Melanie Thierry | Photos | Fashion | Fragrance | YSL

Melanie Thierry | Photos | Fashion | Fragrance | YSL


YSL has announced Melanie Thierry as the face of its new fragrance Belle D’Opium. She was spotted countless times at The Cannes Film Festival back in May 2010 but, to some, she is relatively unknown.

Just last week we were star spotting at the launch party of the fragrance; we ooh’d and aah’d over Alexa Chung’s leather ensemble, and lusted over Whitney Port’s bodycon dress, but Melanie Thierry (dressed in a sexy YSL black dress with black satin shoes) escaped the net!

Not for long, though - we predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of this pretty face from now on.

The French actress - who wasn't born when the Opium fragrance first came out in 1977 - will star in the new ad campaign for the scent. And a new site (and YouTube channel), called What is Your Opium?, will be updated daily with videos and 'fun facts' about the fragrance.

The scent is due out in October 2010.

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By Leanne Bayley