On A Budget? Here’s To How Find A Great Foundation (Without Breaking The Bank)

On A Budget? Here’s To How Find A Great Foundation (Without Breaking The Bank)

Get excited ladies, this new beauty site will find the perfect foundation for your skin as well as your budget...

When it comes to make-up it really is all about that base - but it isn’t always easy to find the perfect foundation. Being faced with hundreds of products at the beauty counter can be a little baffling, who knew there were so many different types?

From full coverage to light coverage, matte to sheer and now they even come in cushions - it’s way too much for one girl to handle. Inevitably we end up reaching for the same foundation we’ve been relying on for years. 

But we all know there’s a perfect base out there for us and we can tell you now that you’re one step to closer to finding it.

The new (and awesome) beauty site Powder has added foundation to their beauty edit line-up *loud cheers*. So now you can be matched with the perfect foundation for YOU, whatever your beauty needs, wants AND budget.

Want a foundation that provides enough coverage to last all day but won’t break the bank? They’ve found it. Looking for a lightweight base that will give you just the right amount of glow? We promise you’ll find one in seconds.

So how does it work? Never fear ladies because we’ve put Powder to the test and we’ve got to say we’re impressed. All you have to do is join up, answer a few quick questions about your beauty self and within a few moments you’ll be matched with your perfect foundation.

As well as being an edit of the best make-up and skincare out there did we mention the site is also packed with beauty tips expert Editors’ tips and tricks?

You’ve pretty much got the best beauty advice at your fingertips, wherever you are, whatever you’re looking for.

So now you can say goodbye to unnecessary overpriced purchases, foundations that don’t live up to the hype and settling for shades that don’t work for your skin-tone. Instead prepare to meet the foundation that’s about to up your make-up game.

Head over to thisispowder.co.uk to sign up for free now.

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