Marc Jacobs' New Fragrance Has Got Us Dreaming About Our Perfect Holiday

Marc Jacobs' New Fragrance Has Got Us Dreaming About Our Perfect Holiday

As Marc Jacobs releases its new fragrance Daisy Dream, the InStyle team describe their dream holidays...

Marc Jacobs' latest fragrance, Daisy Dream, has totally transported us to our perfect summer holiday. Sure, we've been enjoying a scorcher of a summer these past few weeks, but nothing compares to taking off to even warmer climes for a bit. Inspired by spirited youthfulness, blue skies and daisies, Daisy Dream is the only scent we want to wear from now on, summer or no summer.

And while we're sat at our desks, rather than on a sunlounger, we've been thinking about our perfect summer getaway – and spritzing Daisy Dream around us at every opportunity to help us pretend that we're actually there...

'My dream holiday would be somehow simultaneously lying in a bed with a duvet whilst being next to a swimming pool with prosecco and tapas and an amazing book with food markets and windy roads to explore in an exotic location (but not scarily so, we're not talking giant spiders and snakes here).' George Driver, Feature Assistant

'Somewhere that had all the perks of a city break, but also the silence of a remote beach and an inifinity pool outside my door, would be pretty dream. Oh, and someone to mix me cocktails and pass me cheese and bread. Lots of cheese and bread.' Olivia Marks, Digital Content Editor.

'My dream holiday would be some kind of skiing, spa thing in a b-e-a-utiful hotel. It'd be sunny enough to get a face tan but not so the snow gets slushy (I know it's a dream but let's not go completely nuts). And though 'stubbys' are fun, Prosecco would be preferable. And a hot tub thrown in for good measure.' Rebecca Gillam, Digital Assistant

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