Make up artist Laura Jenkinson

Laura Jenkinson is switching up her cartoons for contouring

We love bright beauty looks, especially in the summer. Yes to orange nail polish, big yes to coral lips and sure, we’ll try a face gem and flash tat. But make up artist Laura Jenkinson is Instagramming a brand new beauty look that we’re not sure we’ll be rocking over the next couple of months.

The London-based make up artist has a unique take on the Instagram transformation trend that’s been going viral lately (remember this woman who looks exactly like Barbie, and the male make up artist who can turn himself into any Kardashian, including Caitlyn?), using her chin to recreate some of the most popular cartoon characters and celebrities in the world. #CryingKim on your chin?! Genius.


Using her lips as the starting point for her makeover masterpieces, Laura artfully brings to life Disney faves Sebastian (Ariel’s crab companion), Nemo and Timon and Pumba, cartoon classics Shrek, the Powerpuff girls and Popeye, as well as Donald Trump, Kylie Jenner and the sassy hand emoji! Is there anyone this girl can’t recreate?


Laura might be known for her cartoon makeovers, but she’s also a hugely talented make-up artist, posting bold lip looks and PERFECT feline flicks – she's so good, she's just released her first book Made Up: 40+ Easy Makeup Tutorials and DIY Beauty Products (Hardie Grant, £9.99), which takes you through everything from the right brushes to use to how to actually wear blue eyeshadow, as well as ombre lips, how to DIY your own beauty products and the perfect wedding beauty look. 


Laura Jenkinson's Made Up

Made Up: 40+ Easy Makeup Tutorials and DIY Beauty Products (Hardie Grant, £9.99)

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