5 Reasons Magic Mike XXL Was Even Better Than Magic Mike (If That's Actually Possible)

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Ladies, lungs at the ready, this is why Magic Mike XXL is the scream-worthy film of the summer you NEED to see...

Male strippers? Check. Channing Tatum as one of the men ripping his clothes off for our entertainment? Double check. Accompanied by a host of ridiculously hot men who are also taking their clothes off? Triple XXX check. Yup, the hottest film of the summer has arrived - here's six reasons why Magic Mike XXL is even better than the original…

1. Channing Tatum May Be The Best Person Ever

No joke ladies, the ex-stripper turned model turned dancer (FUN FACT: Channing was cast as a dancer in Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs' video in 2000 and paid $400) turned actor (phew) rocked up to Leicester Square's legendary VUE cinema to introduce his latest film in person. Accompanied by his Magic Mike XXL cast mates Joe Mangianiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Amber Heard and Jada Pinkett Smith (who was wearing a cracking Christopher Kane SS15 nautical number), Channing commented on how much he loved the 'porn' style title font before nicking a pack of popcorn from a member of the audience. We'd give him our cinema snacks any day...

2. The Women

You'd be forgiven for thinking Magic Mike is just men taking their clothes off for money, but for us, it was all about the women. From Jada Pinkett Smith's ultra-ambitious pleasure house MC to Andie MacDowell's beautiful divorcee who tells her daughter to 'play the field', there's a definite theme of breaking free from what women are expected to be and celebrating womanhood in all its glory. And that includes loving a striptease just as much as any man. Girl power! 

3. The Men

Ok, we'll be honest, the men are pretty damn great as well. Striking a clever balance between ripped, oiled bods getting down and dirty and sensitive gentlemen that just want to worship us (Joe Mangianiello commits to taking a woman down the aisle before flinging her in a leather swing in his finale striptease), it's hard not to fall a little bit in the love with the helpless crew of male entertainers. Yes, we know in real life it's doubtful that tonk men who take their clothes off for money just want to treat us right, but dammit, for an hour and a half we're happy to believe it.


4. Childish Gambino

Aka Donald Glover, he's the surprise star of the show. If you're a fan of Community, Girls or his rap alter ego Childish Gambino, you'll instantly recognise Donald's cheeky smile and glint in his eye. The official romantic crooner in the crew, he's less XXL and more 12A, but just as loveable. Think Bruno Mars meets Troy Barnes, aaaaaaaaw.

5. It's More Fun

Yup, if possible, the sexy sequel is even more upbeat. Totally ridiculous yes, but seriously entertaining and happily lacking the unexpected downer of the original. Ok, there are still drugs, but when it's just lads having a laugh in the back of a van on some 'Molly', it's all fun and games, right? Somehow Fro Yo, red velvet cake and hundreds of thousands work their way into 'pivotal' scenes and we've never laughed so hard as when Kevin Nash's Tarzan strips on stage dressed as a renaissance painter. Cheesey, over the top and completely implausible are definitely words that come to mind, but if that's wrong, well frankly, we don't want to be right.

Magic Mike XXL is out in cinemas Friday 3rd July

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