Lush spa opens

Lush spa opens

New Lush spa opens on King's Road in Chelsea.

Ah, Lush - no teenage Saturday was complete without popping into one of the heavenly scented emporiums.
We're still addicted to its delish bath bombs and are v. excited about the limited-ed Easter range - choc-scented eggs (£2.50) and bunnies (£1.85), with zero cals? Ooh, yes please.

Plus, the King's Road shop has had a fash-over and introduced a new spa, Through the Looking Glass, offering a "Synaesthesia" massage, £125 for 90 minutes.

It's been developed by hypnotherapists, massage experts, perfumers and - no, really - folk musicians, to provide an all-round meditative experience using music, touch, visuals and essential oils.

The inspiration for the hippie-deluxe treatment comes from "birdsong, traditional English music, the scent of an English country garden and a calming cup of tea in a cosy cottage kitchen" - and you’re promised a cuppa after your massage. Magical!

Lush Spa, 123 King's Road, London SW3 (020 7376 8348)

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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