Lovely lashes in a flash!

Lovely lashes in a flash!

Can’t sit still long enough for laborious lash extensions? We’ve discovered the lash queen who customises and cuts to the chase in record time.

Perhaps Myleene Klass is as impatient as us? Or maybe she’s just time-starved with entertaining little Ava? It seems so, as she’s a big fan of speedy semi-permanent lash expert, Daxita Vaghela.


Vaghela, known on the beauty circuit for the being the fastest in her field, looks at your eye shape, skin and hair colour and even your occupation, then weaves her magic for fully bespoke falsies in under an hour! “The minute a client walks into the room, I can see what will balance their features and enhance the shape of their face, the tone of their skin and the colour of their hair,” says Vaghela, who blends different lengths and shades to make your eyes and cheekbones ping.


So whether you go for flirty flicks, super-naturals, or full-on fakes, Daxita is guaranteed to have you up and fluttering in no time!


Daxita can be found at Atherton & Cox, 18 New Cavendish Street, W1G 8UR, 0207 487 4048

Full Set (60mins) £150, Half Set (45mins) £95, Maintenance (30mins) £45.

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