Yes, The Perfect Liquid Liner Does Exist & This Is How To Find It

Yes, The Perfect Liquid Liner Does Exist & This Is How To Find It

When your liquid liner is good it's GOOD and when it's bad, you're two hours late to the party…

Let’s face it, when your liquid liners good, it's good and when it's bad, you're definitely going to be two hours late to the party… Anyone else feel like they've wasted hundreds of pounds (not to mention thousands of cottons buds) on liquid eyeliners that just don't work? We're talking liners that crack, liners that aren’t quite black enough and the ones that just slide right off your face.

But before you throw in the towel and lose all hope we’ve got some amazing beauty news that’s about to make uneven liner a thing of the past. Whether you’re want to rock a natural eye, a feline flick, or the Amy Winehouse we know you how you can find the best liner that the beauty world has to offer. And no, you don’t have to search miles of beauty aisles to find it…

Say hello to Powder, our new beauty sister site that we’re totally addicted to. Brought to you by the leading beauty Editors' at Marie Claire, InStyle and Look, Powder is an edit of the absolute best that skincare and make-up has to offer (they’ve literally sifted through mountains of products). It quickly & cleverly sorts through these beauty products (based on your beauty profile) and then gives you a personalised recommendation to suit your skin, beauty needs and your bank balance *cheers*!

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, Powder will find the best skincare and make-up products to suit all your beauty needs and wants. And it’s pretty easy, all you have to do is join-up (it’s free) answer a few questions about your beauty self and within seconds you’ll be matched to a product.

PLUS it’s also completely tailored to you; with tips and tricks from beauty experts to help you make the most of your recommendations.

So put down your shopping basket ladies because finding a new liquid liner just got A LOT easier. So easy, you don’t even have to leave the house…

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