Lindsay Lohan launches her very own tan in a can!

Lindsay Lohan launches her very own tan in a can!
Sevin Nyne

Lindsay Lohan caused a stir in the States when she launched her own fake tan and now you can buy it too!

There’s one reason Lindsay Lohan is making headlines in the US, and – brace yourselves - it’s not to do with Samantha Ronson. Faux glow-obsessed Lohan has bottled her tan!

Lohan developed Sevin Nyne (based on her favourite numbers, of course) self-tanning spray with her expert tanner, Lorit Simon, which is causing ripples over the pond because it actually works. Years of flashbulb moments and bikini posing have taught the naturally fair one what makes a great fake tan and it seems the formula is a hit. 

“I have tried every tanning product on the market and worked with the best tanners in the business,” says Lohan. “Our hope is that we can encourage women and men to stay out of the sun and cherish their skin.” 

Not only does it promise the most realistic hue, the usual biscuity whiff has been replaced with a yum coconut scent, plus a superstar shimmery finish. It’s also super-nourishing on the skin and a portion of the sale proceeds will go towards cancer awareness. Go Linds! 

By Lisa Durant


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