LATEST: Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga, plus the actress tells all…

LATEST: Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga, plus the actress tells all…

We’ve got a sneaky peek at the latest Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga images…

Fashion house Balenciaga have released the latest image from their Florabotanica campaign, starring Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart.


The new shot features a natural Kristen wearing the scent, and, ahem, nothing else, posed beautifully against a floral motif.

And we’ve got the latest from the Twilight actress, who told all on fashion, fragrance and pushing boundaries.

Read on to find out more…NL

What does the Balenciaga brand represent to you and what do you like about it?

Honestly it is evocative. It makes you think. It always strikes a perfect balance between elegance and modernity or represents a stark version of either. Which I love! (It’s) completely unafraid…I love the fact that wearing Balenciaga makes you feel unique.

How would you describe the Balenciaga woman? Do you recognise yourself in her?

She is free. One can tap into qualities they might not know they have wearing Balenciaga. For me it’s a boldness. A very seductive assertiveness. I recognise myself when I wear it, which is important.

What is your relationship with fashion?

I am very comfortable with it. I am usually one for simplicity and my style is casual most of the time, but I like to go just as far in the other direction. I love pushing boundaries and bringing different aspects of myself to the surface with what I wear.

What makes a good fragrance?

For me, a good fragrance has to take you by surprise. Most importantly it has to be natural: aromatically and in spirit. Sometimes wearing the right scent can give you an unexpected sensuality.

Are you wearing fragrance?

Yes. I feel that wearing a fragrance adds the final touch to your look.

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