Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Hair Removal Secret

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Hair Removal Secret

Just when we thought we only had legs, bikini lines armpits and (ok then) upper lips to contend with, Kim goes and gets us paranoid about our foreheads too…..

Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly backwards in coming forwards when it comes to (mostly over-) sharing her beauty secrets, and this week she’s upped the ante by confessing that she’s had her hairline lasered.

Recounting her former forehead as the “craziest, hairiest hairline you can ever imagine!” she goes on to describe in People magazine how she used to have to wax her hairline before recently opting for a more permanent solution.

Here we talk to Tabitha Finch, Aesthetic and Beauty Consultant at Medicetics who have recently launched a new ‘Ellman’ laser (reputedly faster and less painful than traditional lasers) to find out what’s involved.

Face vs body – what’s the difference?

"The only thing that’s different is the spacing between treatments,” says Tabitha. “For the face, the gap between treatments should be 4 weeks, which includes the hairline and upper lip. For legs and back, the gap between treatments is 8 weeks apart whilst arms and underarms should be treated again after 6 weeks. The reason being the different lengths of the hair growth cycle.”

Is it more difficult to treat hair on the face?

"Generalised fuzz is harder to treat because the hair is finer.  This means the target is harder for the laser to ‘see’. The thinner the hair, the less pigment there is, which is what the heat is drawn into to. It is possible to treat fuzz, but you will likely need more treatments, up to 8 or 9 instead of the average 6."

How does it work?

"Laser hair removal works because the light is absorbed into the targeted hair follicles. Once absorbed, it converts into heat which cauterizes the blood supply cutting it off from the stem cells which supply blood to the hair.  For this to work the hair must be in the anagen stage of growth which is when the hair is being fed by blood.”

Is there anyone laser hair removal doesn’t work for?

“It doesn’t work on white-blonde hair as there is no pigment to absorb the light and heat.”

What’s the ‘ouch’ factor involved?

"I would say it’s similar to the ping of an elastic band, although the new machines such as the Ellman Cheveux II here at Medicetics are less painful as they fire 10 low energy pulses a second rather than one very high one every 1.5 seconds. I liken it to a bath slowly filling with hot water, rather than jumping straight into it - you eventually wind up at the same temperature, but the former is less painful. It’s never been a big issue for areas like the back but when it comes to the more sensitive areas like the face or bikini the difference is enormous.

So what about the hairline specifically?

"The skin on the forehead can be more sensitive, as it's close to the bone,” warns Tabitha. “It's like the difference between treating your calf and shin when doing your legs. You also need to be careful not to go too far back on the hairline, it’s fine to clean up little baby hairs but you need to be a lot more cautious when changing the shape of your hairline."

Have you seen an increase in requests for this treatment?

"Yes. Particularly from people with dark hair, who can get downy hair on the forehead like Kim. It can give definition around the eyebrows too."

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