Kate Middleton vs Kate Moss: Who's the ultimate beauty icon?

Kate Middleton vs Kate Moss: Who's the ultimate beauty icon?

Kate Middleton and Kate Moss have gone head-to-head for most beautiful, but which Kate came out on top?

They may share a name, but when it comes to beauty looks, Kate Middleton and Kate Moss couldn't be more different. And now they've both topped a poll of Britain's most influential beauty icons.

While La Moss is best known for her effortless approach, with tousled rock chick hair and a quick flick of eyeliner to finish, the Duchess of Cambridge is synonymous with her Chelsea blow-dry, kohl-framed eyes and rosy cheeks, and it was the Royal's polished look which came out on top.


The poll suggests that one in three women would be likely to buy a product approved by Ms Middleton, compared to 15 percent who would purchase Kate Moss' fave beauty buys.

Newby Hands, editorial director at Feel Unique comments: "Kate and Kate represent two sides of really modern women and between the two of them they cover all style and lifestyle tastes."


Fellow A-list beauties, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne also rated highly for their skincare and make-up choices.

Remind yourself of Kate Middleton's most iconic beauty looks in our video...

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