Kate Hudson's Secrets To Those Abs? Yes Please…

Kate Hudson's Secrets To Those Abs? Yes Please…

From hot yoga to knocking back an espresso, we caught up with Kate Hudson to steal her secrets to getting a rocking red carpet-ready bod…

Ever wondered how Kate Hudson looks epic in pretty much everything? Yup, so have we. From cut-out bodycon red-carpet gowns to a simple skirt and crop tee, Kate's bod always looks amazing, we're totally not jealous. 

With a body like that, we can't blame Kate for wanting to show it off at any given opportunity, and that's exactly what she did in her latest Instagram snap. If this doesn't fuel you with the fire to do 100 sit ups, nothing will...

So, fancy knowing the secret to those abs? Fear not fellow mortals, Kate may have an A-list bod but her fitness regime is as hardworking as it comes. We caught up with her with her to talk all things Fabletics, spin classes with friends and feeling way to lazy to workout…

Ok, you're definitely on our fitspiration Pinterest board, how do you stay in shape?

'I get bored really easily, so I'm constantly switching up my exercise. I'll try boot camp or boxing or anything really, depending on where I am. If my girlfriends are going for a spin class, I'll go with them, or if I'm in London, I do hot yoga because it's often rainy. When I'm in my routine and the kids are back at school, I usually do Pilates twice a week because it makes me feel stronger. My workout routine is generally cardio for 20 to 40 minutes, then I'll take the kids to school and, when I come back, I'll do 30 minutes of core work. Finally, at 9.30am, it's breakfast time! This routine really revs up my metabolism.'


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How do you keep motivated?

'I grew up with all brothers and always felt like I had to keep up with them. My family is very sporty - my dad was a baseball player and my mum started out as a dancer, so family time was about riding bikes, rollerblading, ice-skating or skiing. We were always outside and active. Some days, it feels impossible to stay motivated though. I try to remind myself that, if I'm feeling low, lethargic or stressed, I probably need to work out. I'll make myself do something - even for just ten minutes. I try not to push myself too much, because that's when I get discouraged. Anything is better than nothing. Even if you do a couple of squats in your back garden, at least you can say, "I did ten squats!".

So no secrets to sucking it up and hitting the treadmill?

'Espresso is part of my get-fit secret! When I've got to get into shape for a film, I have to be dedicated. So, the first thing I do after waking up is have a shot of espresso and a grapefruit juice - it's a natural way to kick start your metabolism.'


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