JUST IN: Liz Hurley’s diet secrets

JUST IN: Liz Hurley’s diet secrets

Those strapless dresses and short hemlines have revealed a killer body for over a decade. Find out how Liz Hurley stays so fabulous HERE

With the sun being a no-show, it's all too tempting to stop by M&S on a grey, rainy day and pick up one or two bags of Percy Pigs. Hello love handles. One celebrity we recently spotted on the back of a yacht looking insanely trim in her bikini was Elizabeth Hurley and it was all the inspiration we needed to put down the piggy sweets and get down to the gym.


Liz recently tweeted: “I had a good life lunch – organic steak, grilled zucchini and salad all from the farm – and then one of my snack bars. OK and a double espresso.” And you’ve got to love her; she’s only human after all: “I spat out the green tea I attempted though. Christ it’s disgusting.”

While we’re all for the health benefits of antioxidant rich green tea, we’ve got to agree - we’d take a double espresso any day.

The busy mum-of-one and snack bar founder has also been busy stocking up on supplements: “After weeks of greedy Mediterranean guzzling, tomorrow I start a new health regime. Just raided Holland & Barrett for diet supplies.”

Keep you eyes peeled next time you visit Holland & Barrett as you never know who you might bump into!

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 By Alice Ripman


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