Jo Malone launches new perfume range!

Jo Malone launches new perfume range!

Perfumer Jo Malone launches Jo Loves, a unique range of four fragrances guaranteed to be a sell-out just in time for Christmas…

When It-perfumer Jo Malone sold her company in its entirety to Estee Lauder back in 2006, we knew we hadn’t seen the last of her. She’s just too good a business woman (and too powerful a nose) to have bowed out completely.


Now the entrepreneur extraordinaire is back with her exciting new line, Jo Loves. Boasting four introductory scents (Pomelo, ‘clean and crisp’, Green Orange & Coriander, ‘soulful and sassy’, Orange Tulle, ‘fun and flirty’, and Gardenia, ‘rich and regal’), the perfumes are meant to evoke memories, or at least inspire you to create some.


But the fragrances, which have been launched one by one over four days exclusively to Selfridges London and Manchester, are just the beginning. Malone has patented a genius scent booth-meets-video stage where you can interact with her personally, tell her what you think of the fragrances and potentially have your video published on her website, There’s also an App – and who knows what else up her high-tech sleeve. Even the wrapping’s gone all racy red!

WE love!

Have the opportunity to meet Jo Malone and have your scent signed by her in Selfridges on Thursday November 10, from 4pm-6pm.

The Jo Loves range is available at and Selfridges, from £95.

By Maria Milano

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