Jo Hansford's Brazilian Blow Dry

Jo Hansford's Brazilian Blow Dry

Get ready to say goodbye to your straighteners and welcome in the summer with a sleek, frizz-free mane.

The sun's out, the temperature's rising and there's a whiff of summer in the air. While the prospect of holidays, flipflops and little dresses is getting us terribly excited, the frizzy hair that comes with the humidity of summer is quite definitely not. If you're fed up of piling on the products and spending hours straightening and blow-drying your less than gleaming locks into submission, Jo Hansford may have just the treatment for you. Hansford is the Mayfair-based hair expert whose trusted clients include Yasmin Le Bon and Elizabeth Hurley – and have you seen either of them with even the slightest hint of frizz? Nope, neither have we.  

The Brazilian Straightening Blow Dry treatment is the formula that will smooth, hydrate, and straighten your locks for up to three months with not a bit of frizz in sight. And this is guaranteed; if you happen to find yourself trekking in the South American jungle you can rest assured you'll have A-List hair. How does it work? The keratin-rich product is applied to your barnet which can take between one-and-a-half to four hours depending on the length. It's then sealed with a hot iron and styled into the desired shape – poker straight, demi-wave or flicky are all possible. It's then left for three days after which you return to the salon for it to be washed out. Et voila!  Silky smooth tresses. 


The best bit? You can literally wash and go with the most minimal amount of styling, even if your hair is naturally very curly. Plus there's no damage to your hair; to roughly translate the science bit, the product is keratin-rich which is the same protein found in both hair and nails. Therefore, it builds hair up and strengthens it rather than breaking it down as a normal relaxing treatment would. 


Time to ditch those straighteners! 


Price from £200, call 020 74957774


By Pat McNulty 


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