Jessica Ennis talks weddings, beauty, Kate Middleton and her love for Miranda Kerr

Jessica Ennis talks weddings, beauty, Kate Middleton and her love for Miranda Kerr

Jessica Ennis chats exclusively to InStyle about all things beauty...

Olympic gold medal winner, Jessica Ennis has been a huge InStyle favourite for some time now, so we were pretty excited when we managed to nab an exclusive interview with the sports star to talk all things beauty.


As the new face of Olay Essential, Jessica knows a thing or two about skincare and we've got the inside scoop on the products she couldn’t live without, her celebrity beauty crushes, beach body tips and the secrets behind her wedding hair and make-up…
Who are your favourite celebrity beauty icons?
I love Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr. They’re both so gorgeous and natural – they glow.
Name the three beauty products you couldn’t live without?
OLAY Essentials Glow Perfectors Multi-Radiance moisturiser, Bobbi Brown eye liner and foundation.
What goes through your mind when you’re competing?
Lots of things but mostly I’m in the moment so its technical points to remember around what I’m doing, I’m nervous and full of adrenaline.

How did you choose your wedding make-up? Did you create the look yourself or did you have a make-up artist?
I worked with a Bobbi Brown make-up artist, we did a couple of trials beforehand and I knew that I wanted to look natural and fresh-faced.
Your wedding hair was stunning! How did you come to choosing an updo?  Did you have many hair trials?
My hairdresser who has done my hair for years did my wedding hair.  We did one hair trial beforehand. I wanted something quite traditional and loved what she did; it was an updo but was soft not severe and looked great with my veil.


Exclusive Jessica Ennis interview
Do you wear any make-up when you play sport?
Yes – a little light make-up when I’m training or competing makes me feel more comfortable and confident.
How do you keep your body in tip top shape even when you're not competing.
I train six days a week throughout the year, so I don’t lose a lot of tone when I’m not competing, if you’re training that much, you can take a few weeks to relax and stay in shape.
Do you any have days when you ditch the diet and enjoy chocolate?
Yes, definitely – I really enjoy sweets and chocolate.
Why do you love working with Olay and what's your first memory of the beauty brand?

I really enjoy working with OLAY, it’s a product that I love and use regularly, plus we’ve done some really exciting things together over the last year or so.  My first memory of OLAY has to be the pink fluid on my mother’s bathroom shelf.
What’s your after exercise beauty regime?
I have a good wash, taking time to really cleanse my skin - I like using OLAY Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub,  followed by my usual OLAY Essentials Glow Perfectors Multi-Radiance moisturiser, then I leave the make-up off and remain fresh-faced for the evening.
What makes you feel confident when you can’t wear make-up?

Again its my favourite OLAY Essentials Glow Perfectors Multi-Radiance moisturiser, it has tiny light-reflective particles in it so as soon as you put it on it gives you a glow-y naturally radiant look.
Who are your favourite celebrity fashion icons?
Miranda Kerr again – and I love Jennifer Aniston’s personal style, too.
Kate Middleton has topped many beauty polls. What do you think of her hair and make-up?
She always looks so lovely.
Many of the Team GB ladies have secured beauty deals. What do you think makes you stand apart from other celebs and make you an inspiration for the younger generation?

I think as a sportsperson who has worked hard to achieve success then I’m viewed as a very positive role model for young women – and I’m also quite different from other females that this group relates to/looks up to such as pop and reality TV stars.
Jessica Ennis is the face of OLAY Essentials “Glow Perfectors” a range of three moisturisers with an added glow.  For further information, please visit

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