Jennifer Aniston-approved skincare line comes to the UK!

Jennifer Aniston-approved skincare line comes to the UK!

Celeb-fave moisturising products by Dr Kadir have finally reached their way across the Atlantic

It’s been over a decade since we first laid eyes on the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on Friends, and she still looks as lovely as the day we met her! We’ve big fans of her hairstyle, make-up and fashion since then, but the one thing we haven’t quite been able to pin down is her flawless skin. Is it just us or does Jennifer's skin seem to look better with time?

But now we might actually be able to get that same irresistible glow with Jennifer’s favourite moisturising products from Dr Kadir’s skincare line, which will be available online.


We’ll finally be able to try out some of Dr Kadir’s Apple Lift products, which are also a favourite of Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Kristin Davis, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. Ms Aniston’s personal pick is the Apple Lift moisturiser, which runs for £62.


And if you want to top Jennifer’s satin-like skin, check out Dr Kadir’s luxurious Matrix Gold Mask, which flew off shelves last year.

Get ready to look gorgeous – you can start buying Dr Kadir products online this February.

By Monica Derevjanik

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