It's time for a fragrance shake-up

It's time for a fragrance shake-up
Jo Malone

Jo Malone looks to Japan's ancient incense ceremony for a double-dose of perfume.

You may not have heard of an incense ceremony (don't worry, neither had we!) but apparently it's an ancient Japanese art that takes up to 30 years to perfect. The brains behind Jo Malone have taken the art's heady scents to create a double perfume collection that mirrors the day and night incense.

If you love all the Eastern aromas such as lotus flower, lily, sandalwood and ginger, get down to Jo Malone because you'll love these new scents. For day time spritzing reach for Lotus Flower and Water Lily, packed with grapefruit and mandarin on top of deep amber, musk and sandalwood. And for hotting-up the night, there's Dark Amber and Ginger Lily with spicy notes of black cardamom and ginger on a base of patchouli and kyara wood - apparently a key element in the incense tradition. These are heavenly scents full of rich extracts and cultural connotations.

In true fragrance style, layering is a must, so both collections include cologne and candle, as well as a shower gel for the day and bath soak for the night. It's a modern route to old tradition.

The Kohdo Wood Collection is limited edition, from £11.80, available from

By Yanar Alkayat



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