Italy’s number 1 skincare brand, DIBI, comes to the UK

Italy’s number 1 skincare brand, DIBI, comes to the UK

Ever wondered how Italian women’s skin looks so healthy, full-of-life and utterly flawless? We have the answer right here

A brand new skincare that guarantees to energise, revitalise and generally brighten the appearance of skin, has just come to the UK and we are very excited.

Italy’s best selling beauty brand, DIBI, combines advanced active ingredients with cutting-edge research to deliver fantastic results on all types of skin.

There are seven product lines in the DIBI range, from those to help sensitive and impure skin, to products targeted at reducing fine lines and hydrating lacklustre complexions.

Here at, we love the Intense Re-hydration Serum which stimulates the natural production of hydrating protein and boots the resistance and flexibility of skin, plus the Restorative Day Cream from the Time Return anti-ageing range which is great for getting rid of stubborn fine lines and dark circles underneath the eyes.

As well as buying a number of gels, creams and serums from the seven ranges, you can get one-hour long bespoke facials from Selfridges and Home House.

With Christmas only round the corner, this great beauty brand with over 30 years in the industry has plenty of must-have buys that would make perfect pressies, or even better, gifts for yourself.

Go to Anastasia Achilleos Method Spa, Home House, 21 Portman Square, London or Groom at Selfridges, Oxford Street for products and treatments.

Alternatively, you can view and buy all of Dibi's fab products at

By Georgie Hindle

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