Interview: Whitney Port's beauty secrets

Interview: Whitney Port's beauty secrets

Whitney Port reveals her summer styling and beauty tips...

InStyle caught up with fashion designer and former reality TV star Whitney Port to talk UK fashion, her summer styling tips and how to get that LA sun-kissed glow.

What do you like about British fashion compared to the US?

I love British Fashion because it is riskier and more unique. When walking down the streets in London it is so refreshing to see people daring to wear colour, patterns and even mix them up! Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side, but I like shopping in the UK so much more than here in the states!

What beauty trends do you swear by for Summer 2013?

In the US the biggest summer trend is of course the LA sun-kissed glow. To achieve this I like mixing Victoria' Secret Tahiti Shimmer Glow Body Oil with my Olay Complete Care moisturiser and applying a little gold sparkle to my eyes for that extra radiant finish. Fashion often dictates the trends that appear in beauty and in LA we often go for the casual chic style, baring our skin to soak up the sun, so having beautifully smooth skin is a must. To achieve this I use a loafer to exfoliate my skin regularly, particularly ahead of the summer so that it looks and feels smooth. The Venus & Olay razor is a must-have beauty tool as it combines Olay Moisture-Boost shave gel bars, which help replenish my skin’s moisture, with Venus’ five-blade technology for an incredibly close shave, leaving my skin irresistibly smooth and glowing. In the summertime, a constant trend that appears year after year is the natural look. Less is always more! I think that in the summer your skin is dewier so you should embrace it and work the trend by swapping a matte lipstick for a glossier lip.


What are your biggest beauty regime secrets?

I swear by a thorough daily cleansing and toning routine and always use Murad Essential-C Cleanser which gently floats away impurities and always makes me feel so refreshed – it’s gorgeous! I then use Epicuren Protein Mist Enzyme Toner. It’s so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling nourished and perfectly prepared for moisturising. My secret weapon is Lucas Paw Paw ointment which I got in Australia. It’s quite hard to get hold of, but it can be used for anything from dry skin to chapped lips, so it is perfect to carry around in my handbag for beauty emergencies.

What are you fashion summer staples?

My ultimate fashion combination has got to be high-waisted shorts and a mini crop-top, or denim shorts and a t-shirt, which will never go out of style! You also have to have a great pair of sunglasses. I just bought a really cute pair of Céline sunnies with gorgeous silver detailing. Sunglasses are something you wear everyday all summer long so it’s definitely worth investing in a good pair to instantly complete any outfit.

You have worked with the likes of Diane von Furstenburg and Kelly Cutrone – what did you learn from working with such powerful women?

I learned that one can empower other women through fashion. I learned that if we take risks, we will step outside of our comfort zones and push beyond mediocracy.

Why have you decided to be an ambassador for Venus?

I am honoured to be working with such an iconic beauty brand, renowned for celebrating the Goddess in every woman. I have always been a Venus fan, so when I heard about the new Venus & Olay razor I couldn’t wait to try it. Of course, it is also great to be following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez!


What’s next for your fashion line, Whitney Eve?

I’m really excited to be expanding Whitney Eve into new markets as well as launching an accessories line, so that’s been keeping me super busy! I have also just launched my first Holiday Collection, Whitney Eve Holiday 2013, which is making its debut this summer in the US. My line is eclectic yet flirty and I’m so flattered that, amongst others, Rihanna and Heidi Klum are fans! It is due to arrive in UK stores soon so stay tuned!

What trends will be big for Summer 2013?

In my Whitney Eve Spring/Summer collection I have mixed pastel prints with light, silky materials to create feminine designs across my line. I love the androgynous, masculine look so I have balanced out the collection with over-sized broad-lapel jackets and harem pants. I am a fan of the cute 60s shift dresses seen on the catwalk this season and think they will be a big hit on the high-street this summer.

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever had?

I like showing my legs off in the summer so one of my favourite pieces of fashion advice was to wear pale or nude coloured shoes as they will help accentuate and lengthen your legs.

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By Bernadette Cornish

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