InStyle's Beauty Director Alice Manning's night with Lady Gaga!

InStyle's Beauty Director Alice Manning's night with Lady Gaga!
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A giant perfume bottle, a tattoo, Marc Jacobs and Lindsay Lohan, it all went off at the Peggy Guggenheim museum for the launch of Lady Gaga's debut scent, Fame

Lady Gaga arrived for her Masquerade Ball dressed in what can only be described as a giant floral sleeping bag, her face totally hidden. And that set the precedence for the night ahead, which the invite described as ‘Sleeping with Gaga.’ (The invite encouraged women to arrive wearing a mask, hat, tiara or… lobster). I played it safe with a mask.

As I walked down the black carpet – to match the colour of her fragrance juice – I was welcomed by chest-baring male models in black leather trousers and harnesses – not your average night out. Next came the cocktail offering, which was based on her scent and contained honey, apricot and honeycomb and served in a giant blue goblet. As you walked into the beautiful Guggenheim building, there was a giant Lady Gaga Fame perfume bottle in the centre of the room, which everyone was assuming she would somehow jump/fly/burst out of. 

As the lights came on, every guest, including Marc Jacobs, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Yoko Ono, realised Gaga was in fact already in the bottle, fast asleep. While she slept, guests were allowed to go up and touch her hand, through a small opening in the bottle (note, it wasn’t big enough for any over-excited guests to climb through). A large digital clock counted down from 15-minutes and the suspense was immense. What happened after 15-minutes? A performance? Speech? Dance routine? Explosion? Wait for it…

Gaga woke from her deep sleep (slightly less Disney and a bit more dotty) and we then got to watch Gaga and her closest friends (who joined her in the bottle) go about their normal activites – drinking, smoking, partying and, for the grand finale, getting a large cherub tattoo on the back of her shaved head, which she had done the day before in honour of her photographer friend, Terry Richardson’s, late mother. 

What more you would expect from Lady Gaga, the Queen of shock-factor? Her fragrance is equally as risqué to look at – a slightly sci-fi bottle, black juice and poison berry concoction – but surprisingly wearable. The notes of apricot nectar, orchid, saffron and jasmine create a fruit floral fragrance, with a sweet-but-not-sickly twist.

You've got to give it to her, she's got us going totally gaga over her first ever scent and left us all wondering what's next…

Fame Eau De Parfum, from £55, Lady Gaga

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