InStyle talks to make-up guru Chase Aston!

InStyle talks to make-up guru Chase Aston!

We caught up with make-up artist-to-the-stars, Chase Aston, to talk The Body Shop, celebrity beauty and new season make-up tips

Celebrity make-up artist Chase Aston has been working with The Body Shop for almost 10 years and he’s still as passionate about the brand as ever. We chatted with Chase to find out his favourite The Body Shop products and discovered his top new season beauty tips, how to create the perfect pout, which celebs he most likes working with and more…

You’ve collaborated with The Body Shop for nearly a decade, what is it that you love about the brand?

I love being associated with The Body Shop because it’s so much more than beauty. It’s an iconic British brand with both a story and a journey; one founded on core values like activating self esteem and protecting the planet, with a belief that business is a force for doing good.

Which of The Body Shop products would you never be without?

My top 5 makeup essentials would have to be Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, Extra Virgin Minerals™ Cream Compact Foundation, Lip & Cheek Stain in Rose Pink, Smoke & Sparkle Eye Palette in Golden Brown and Brow & Lash Gel in Clear.

Which The Body Shop product would you use to go from day to night with ease and in style?

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Eye Palettes are a must-have for this! There are four palette shades with a mixture of iridescent hues – Warm, Blue/Grey, Green and Purple – to suit all skin tones and for all ages. You can use them to create fresh and subtle looks, from edgy and arty to the more smoky and seductive.

What red carpet looks are the celebs favouring at the moment?

Right now, celebrity red carpet beauty is a natural-looking, flawless and radiant complexion, with strong yet feminine, defined eyebrows. Cheeks are luminescent, shaded and contoured to wrap around cheeks, appearing ethereal and fresh. The eyes are still soft and smoky, lined, defined and elongated, sexy and subtle with no crazy contouring or panda eye effect, but always lashings of mascara to create full and voluminous lashes.

And how would you translate that into a party look this season?

When creating the red carpet look, take key elements from your favourite celebrity and adapt them to suit you. Take inspiration from them and then find the right shades to complement your own skin tone and personality. Once you have recreated the “must-have” red carpet look, add a little playful twist and personalise - press a little loose eye-glitter in either gold or black along the lash lines, outer corners of the eyes and then sweep a sparkle lip gloss all over lips to instantly transform into a party look. The Body Shop Sparkler Atomiser in Enchanting Gold is perfect for party transformation when lightly spritzed onto the cheeks, hairline and décolletage.

Who are your favourite celebrities to work with and why?

Eva Herzigova, Milla Jovovich and Clémence Poésy are three of my favourite celebrities with whom I have worked, they all have such unique personalities and amazing bone structure. Their beautiful full and open features are a perfect blank canvas for make-up artistry; they inspire a make-up artist to create!

What's the best way of going about creating the perfect pout?

Always ensure that the lip surface area is free of any dry and flaky skin by gently exfoliating using The Body Shop Lipscuff, followed by a moisturising lip balm.

Use either The Body Shop Lip Liner in Pink-Brown, a rosy-neutral shade or a tone that matches your natural lip colour (avoid too nude shades as they can make teeth appear yellow) to outline all around the mouth and just along the natural lip line. Then colour in the remainder of the lip.

Soften the edges of the lips using either your finger or a large soft eyeshadow brush, buffing the edges so that there is no visible line.

Now take a sheer pink gloss, open your mouth and softly smile and apply gloss to the centre of the bottom lip, pucker down and blow a kiss, this allows the gloss to travel naturally all over the lip surface, giving you the perfect, long-lasting pout!

What’s your top tip for winter perfect skin?

Switch your lighter summer moisturising cream to a richer, intensive rehydrating one, which will protect your skin from the harsh winter weather, central heating and the constant temperature changes. The Body Shop new Spiced Vanilla Body Butter is great to try for all-over-the-body moisture and leaves soft, smooth skin with a subtle wintry fragrance.

What new beauty trends can we expect in the New Year?

Bold lips, especially satin cherry tones. Crimson, rich red, burgundy and deep chocolate brown hues adorned the lips on all the leading runways this year; these are the surprise shades for the New Year going into Spring/Summer 2012.

By Sarah Smith

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