InStyle meets 90210 star Jessica Lowndes to find out her top beauty secrets!

InStyle meets 90210 star Jessica Lowndes to find out her top beauty secrets!

Jessica Lowndes reveals her top style and beauty secrets to InStyle...

InStyle caught up with 90210 star Jessica Lowndes to find out all her top style and beauty secrets - as well as few from the show too!

You all have quite distinctive styles on 90210 - is this done on purpose and do you get any say over what your character Adrianna wears?

I think it’s kind of appropriate that each of the characters on the show has their own sense of style. After all, they each have strong personalities so it makes sense that they would dress a certain way that compliments who they are.

I don’t have much say in what my character wears but it’s very close to my own personal style.

Adrianna and I both like vintage and femine chic style clothing. Luckily LA is full of really great vintage boutiques so whenever I have some free time I’m always shopping around, looking for something else to add to my wardrobe

What's next for Adrianna on the show?

I hope she redeems herself and gets forgiveness, but you never know with Adrianna as drama follows her wherever she goes…so watch and see!

Do you prefer working in TV or Film - what would you like to do more of?

They’re both so different and I love working on both. TV is faster paced, but then film scenes can be more intense.

What are you working on at the moment music-wise - do you have plans to do more of this?

I am putting the finishing touches to my debut album and hope to release my first single around August time. I’m really excited for people to listen to my music.

Who is your style muse?

Elizabeth Taylor - she was a true fashion icon and looked so effortlessly classy.

Do you have a favourite label?

Favourite jeans label is James jeans, I like ASOS for the mixture of designers on one site, I also love Burberry and Chanel!

What's your number one style rule?

Less is definitely more!

What's the one beauty item you couldn't leave the house without?

I don’t think I could go anywhere without mascara

What's your top beauty tip?

My top beauty tip is to drink water. It’s great for your skin and your diet. I drink Isklar water when I’m in the UK

Do you have any summer beach body tips - how do you stay in shape?

Be happy with who you are, I like to do yoga, but I think if you eat everything in moderation you can still stay in great shape.

I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of Isklar water.

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