InStyle loves Keraskin professional skincare

InStyle loves Keraskin professional skincare

Keraskin is the professional skincare range brought to you by the hair gurus at Kerastase…

We're addicted to the bad-hair-day-banishing haircare products by Kerastase, and the same bods in white coats who created the must-have range for hair have turned their science skills to skincare. The result? Keraskin, our newest can't live without skincare addiction.

The hunt for new and fabulous anti-ageing products is an ongoing search for us beauty addicts at InStyle, and Keraskin's hardcore research has come up trumps with Immuniste, the star product of the range. This youth drops serum contains a whopping nine patented ingredients in one single formula making it the strongest anti-ageing product from L'Oreal laboratories who own Keraskin. It's breakthrough technology in the battle against wrinkles. Expect firmer, smoother skin that's more hydrated and more elastic.

Our second must-buy product from the range is Rice Lift. This is the product you want when you catch those first signs of ageing. Not only does it have anti-ageing effects that work beneath the skin's surface, it contains light-reflecting ingredients for instantly smoother, more luminous skin.

Keraskin is a professional skincare range that is only available in salons so the colletion includes salon level ingredients such as the active Vitamin C concentrate in Serum 3C +Vitamin C. This product contains two pots, containing three forms of Vitamin C, one of which only becomes active when the serum and pure Vitamin C are mixed before application. It's a three week treatment that will give your complexion an effective radiance boost.

Go to to find out about the full Keraskin range and where to buy...

By Pat McNulty



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