InStyle EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry's make-up artist Kabuki explains all about her new video E.T.

InStyle EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry's make-up artist Kabuki explains all about her new video E.T.

Find out how Katy Perry's stunning make-up looks were created for her new video E.T. from her make-up artist Kabuki

It's Katy Perry - but as you've never seen her before for her stunning new video E.T.


Her make-up artist for the shoot Kabuki - artistic director of myface.cosmetics - shares the inspiration behind Katy's three dramatic transformations exclusively with InStyle:

"It was filled with all types of futuristic references and ambitious special effects. I’d been a consultant on the film Tron : Legacy, so I was a little familiar with CGI and the like.

"We decided on three looks: an alien look, a fawn look and a tribal look. There were two shooting days and I certainly had my work cut out for me. We went over the costumes to match up the make-up looks with Katy’s outfits, to make sure that it all worked...

"One of my biggest worries was: is a big star like Katy Perry going to sit still for hours and hours in a make-up chair and let me go a little crazy with her face? No need to worry. Katy is quite a trooper and a delight to work with. She understood the time constraints and couldn’t have been more helpful; we were really working together to get this done and I appreciated her trust."

So what was Katy like to work with? Kabuki explains: "We developed a great rapport and she told fun stories, like how she wanted to buy her husband Russell Brand, tickets to a flight to outer space - or something like that!"

Get the look

Kabuki's key tips for the Fawn Look: "Create graphic eyebrows with a flat angle brush dipped in dark brown powder. Fill in the inner brow and extend the line straight out to a thin spike. Use myface mymix foundation in medium 01 (also used for the base), applied with a flat brush to perfect the outline and to mask the real brows.

"Fill in the lower inside eye with soft black pencil and blend in to the lashes and taper off into points at the inner corners. Line the upper lash line with black liquid liner and extend the line outward to mimic the line of the new brow. Use medium and dark brown powder as a shadow, sculpting the eyelid into the inner brow and blend the lower liner down in a graceful curve, following the bridge of the nose. Use myface r&b rouge blusher in sweet escape to soften the edges and the black liquid liner to sharpen the inner point. The lashes are curled, coated with mascara, with winged faux lashes applied to the top lash.

"Create the fawn-inspired spots on the forehead and cheek bones with a medium brown cream concealer, a dry consistency works the best. Start with the larger shapes and work outward to the smaller ones. With a myface high def eye pencil in brown, outline the shapes. Use a white pencil or liquid liner to continue the shapes under the outer eyebrow."

Kabuki's key tips for the Alien Look: "Take a bright pink cream foundation (If you can’t find the right color, try a matte lipstick) and begin to fill in the temples, jaw line, cheekbone to undereye, and in between the inner eyebrow and eyelid. Use a fluffy foundation brush to blend the pink into the white cream.

"With a royal blue cream make-up, define the upper crease of the eyelid and blend outwards and upward till it wings out the eye in a kind of Egyptian style. Set with powder as you did with the pink. Using the same cream, paint a blue border framing the face, making it look like a mask. Apply diamonds & pearls blingtone from myface.cosmetics to the upper lid and line the lower water line with white pencil liner, extending the line all the way to the edge of the brow. Paint a tapering line of electric blue liquid liner under the lower lashes and give it time to dry. Use black mascara on the top and blue mascara on the lower lashes. Apply ¾ of a false eyelash to the middle of the lash line.

"Fill in the lips with a dark violet eyeliner pencil and a matching lip color. Highlight the centre with metallic violet eyeshadow."

Kabuki's key tips for the Tribal Look: " To create the bold red/orange rectangle around the eyes, I used tape to help mark off straight edges and a broad flat square brush. Try an orange lip mix from MAC for the red/orange colour.

"The eyes are decisively outlined in black pencil and black cream eyeliner. The inner and outer corners are extended a little and squared off for a digital effect. Large orange Swarovski crystals are used in the center of the forehead and on the edges of the rectangle around the eyes, like bookends. Lash glue is the best way to apply them. I glued them ahead of time onto a fine orange mesh and applied it as one piece rather than individually.

"With a flesh colored pencil, lightly sketch a geometric design onto the face. I made stencils ahead of time when I did it on Katy. However, they simply served as a guide; they were all done freehand. Using a light pencil will help cut down on mistakes. Then, go over with a navy blue eyeliner pencil. A mechanical pencil is the best as it is always the same thickness and doesn’t need sharpening.

"The lips are nude with a slight lavender tint."

Steered by Floria Sigismondi, who has directed videos for Christina Aguilera and who directed Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, Katy's extraterrestrial epic video E.T is out today!


By Tara Gardner

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