InStyle chats to Stella McCartney...

InStyle chats to Stella McCartney...

InStyle caught up with British fashion designer Stella McCartney to talk make-up lines, celebrity muses and her new L.I.L.Y Absolute fragrance…

InStyle hung out with Stella McCartney to chat about her stunning new fragrance, L.I.L.Y Absolute

Why is your L.I.L.Y. fragrance collection so special to you?

The name Lily is special to me, not only because I love the old-fashioned name, but it was also my Dad’s pet name for my Mother (Linda I Love You) and its top note Lily of the Valley, was the flower which made up my mother’s wedding bouquet.

How is the new Absolute fragrance different to the first L.I.L.Y scent?

The new fragrance is a more intense scent, I fancied toying with the masculine notes and bringing the dark side of the first L.I.L.Y fragrance out, which resulted with bigger hits of moss and truffle, making it a richer and woodier scent than the original.

Were you involved in the whole process?

Unlike many other celebrities who lend their face to a campaign, I am involved in every step of the creation of my scents, to the point of obsession. The fragrance was supposed to take a year to make, and it ended up taking three, I always take long as I am precise about getting a great smell.

What was your inspiration behind the new fragrance?

I wanted to create a fragrance that would make people stop me on the street and ask where it’s from. I wanted a clean, uncomplicated fragrance and I wanted to explore contrasts, the over feminine flower of L.I.L.Y of the Valley and adding black truffle to the fragrance and adding pink pepper, patchouli and amber to the dry woody base. This for me is the perfect evening fragrance.

Did you have a celebrity muse in mind when creating the new scent?

I don’t ever think of a celebrity or person when I create my designs. I love women, I don’t think there is one particular Stella McCartney woman, I like to think of Stella McCartney women. I’m a real fan of women. I think they’re great creatures!

Which of your designs was most synonymous with L.I.L.Y Absolute?

It is most likely a dress from current spring/summer 2013 collection. Probably the pleated dresses as they reflect the minimal yet feminine contrasting nature of the scent.

What is your favourite scent?

I love the smell of my children’s breath – I know it’s weird but it’s very comforting. My kids say: “Mum you’re so weird!” I also love the smell of horses, my friend and I always joke that one day we’ll launch a horse fragrance – obviously we’d be the only ones who would buy it.

How often do you wear fragrance?

I don't wear fragrances every day, but when I do, I normally switch between Stella to L.I.L.Y. My current favourite is the Absolute fragrance because its new and exciting.

Would you ever think about launching a make-up line?

I would absolutely love to create a make-up line, I have thought about it and it is something I would love to do.


L.I.L.Y Absolute is out in Selfridges now

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