Are You On Board With Bare Leg Season Yet?

Are You On Board With Bare Leg Season Yet?

Prime your pins. Heatwave season means there's no place for your legs to hide...

Forecast for the weekend? It's officially leg-baring weather again. Last week may have been all about winter coats in June (so, so wrong) but now we're back in shorts and sandals territory. British summer, we hate you.

If, like us, you've been hiding your legs away in raw hem jeans, now's the time to kick off your pins prep. Leg strobing is an actual thing, fyi.

Your leg muse for the big bare leg reveal? Rihanna topped a recent St.Tropez poll as the best set of celebrity stems ever (even better with a pair of flashy Dior pumps), with leggy Taylor Swift coming a close second. 

So, anti-tights/trousers: are you cheering or dying inside a little bit? If you're in the Cover-up Withdrawals Club, the transition to skin baring is a whole lot easier if you're primed for the occasion.

No time to check in to the emergency leg spa? Try our quick-fix leg hacks and give Rihanna a run for her money...


1. Smooth operator

Furry legs are so A/W15. If you need to do a last-minute leg shave, splash your legs with cold water to close the pores afterwards. And NEVER be tempted to dry shave. Stubble rash is not the one.

2. Anti-snake

Legs that have been hibernating in tights and trousers are prone to the snakeskin-look. So not attractive. Save time in the bathroom with a shower-gel-meets-exfoliator, like L'Occitane Rebalancing Exfoliating Shower Gel, £15

3. Speed bronze 

A hint of tan makes everything OK again. Ditch the develop times with some instant (but believable) bronze that you can apply minutes before you debut your new season skirt. Try St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion, £15. Tempted to go darker? We're a little bit obsessed with James Read Sleep Mask Tan Go Darker, £35

4. Supermodel pins

Leg strobing, anybody? Give them some instant gleam by smoothing highlighter down your shins to catch the light. Takes seconds, adds instant inches to your pins. Win!

5. Cover up (but not with tights)

Don't let a dodgy bruise halt your leg baring mission. Mask imperfections with a concealer stick that won't budge - until you want it to. We love Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick, £15

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