How To Get This Season's Hottest Nails...

How To Get This Season's Hottest Nails...
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Talons looking a bit tired? Tips looking less than tip top? Then check out nail artist extraordinaire Sophy Robson's how-to guide for getting this season’s hottest looks...

'My favourite look for this season is the graphic slant tip which I created at the House of Holland show,' says Sophy, describing what is essentially an exaggerated, angled tip - in any colour, the bolder the better.

'Start by filing your nails into a slightly pointed shape (if your nails aren’t long enough go for faux nails like my NAIL IT’S, £9.95, BeautyMART). Next, paint your nails as normal with your chosen base-colour (at House of Holland I went for a bright red but you can go as bold as you dare.) Once dry, paint two coats of a contrasting colour such as MAC’s Dark Angel, which is a deep purple, three quarters of the way up the nail, leaving you the red tip. Wait until dry and finish with a top-coat.'

How To Ramp Up A French Mani

'Make a negative space split in the middle of the tip - it's the newest take on it,' says Sophy. How? 'Paint the entire nail with a soft pink such as Essie’s Muchi Muchi. When dry, use some black polish (try Balmain’s Nail Couture in Noir, £15.50) to add on a black tip, then, taking a stipling brush draw a thin line down the centre of the black tip with your pink colour. Wait to dry before drawing another line, this time in black on either side of the pink line. Wait for everything to dry before finishing with a topcoat.'

The Texture For AW14

'Smooth and glossy is definitely the texture du jour,' says Sophy. 'Think of a lacquered, almost vinyl effect.' The best way to achieve it? A super glossy top-coat and lots of it. (At some shows they were heaping on up to four layers of the stuff!)

The Work Appropriate Nail Art

'Half moons or French tips are acceptable in most situations but if you want to go slightly more daring without scaring the boss, opt for a nude base with a contrasting colour (black works well) for these accents.'

The Shape

'I've always advocated that nail designs can be done on any length of nail although a bit of  length makes it easier as there is more surface to work on. In general though, the shape for A/W is ‘almond’.'

Nail Art In 5 Minutes Flat

'Nail art doesn’t need to take hours but to make it even more speedy start with one of my animal print NAIL IT’s,' says Sophy. 'Once applied, take a dark grey polish and putting a bit onto the corner of a make-up sponge, lightly dab the grey onto the black dots of the faux nail to create cloud-like shadows. Then, with a striping brush dipped in blue (or a blue nail art pen), create camo-shaped blobs inbetween the black and grey shapes. Once done, go over the black dots in black polish to add shape and complete the camouflage-effect print.'

The Colour For A/W14

'For me an orangey-red and deep purple are the two biggest colour stories for nails this season,' says Sophy. So, the message is: ditch the pastels and up the colour-ante.

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