Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall

'Ms Bacall’s look really speaks of an elegant timelessness,' says Janine. 'Because of this, for all its retro appeal, it really is a look that still feels modern and wearable. Lauren’s signature look is clean, perfected skin, with a strong well-defined brow, contoured cheekbones and that beautiful matt pout in a soft brick-toned red.'

Ace Base
'Skin needs to be matt and flawless so start by using a primer to create the perfect base,' says Janine. 'Next, apply foundation using a stippling brush to blend and build coverage before finishing with a touch of matte powder to set.'
Screen siren must-have: Smashbox Photo Matte Anti - Shine Primer,, £17.00

Sculpture club
'To contour, suck your cheeks in slightly to reveal the hollow under your cheekbones and apply a contouring shade into the hollow from cheek the ear,' says Janine. 'Then, apply a light dusting of bronzer to blend over the cheekbone and the edges of the contour shade for natural-looking definition.'
Screen siren must-have: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate,, £56

Brow how
'Start by defining the shape using a fine pencil,' says Janine. 'Once you’ve done that you can start filling in the outlined area with a powder to give strong yet softly defined brows.'
Screen siren must-have: Shavata Brow Perfector,, £19.50

Power pout
'For the most precise, screen siren pout, apply concealer all around the outside edge of the lips and blend,' says Janine. 'Follow with lip pencil in a shade that compliments your chosen lip colour before applying the lip colour itself. Blot and repeat application. (If you can’t find a matte version of your favourite red, divide a tissue into two layers and press against the lips before dusting a bit of loose powder over the top and voila!…instant matte!) To ensure your pout looks super-sharp, finish with a flesh-coloured pencil (or your concealer) around the lip-line.'
Screen siren must-have: Mac Lipstick in Brick-O-La,, £15.50

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By Cassie Steer