How To Get The Hollywood Screen Siren Beauty Look

How To Get The Hollywood Screen Siren Beauty Look

Hollywood may still be mourning the legendary Lauren Bacall, but here we play tribute to the original femme fatale with an ode to her iconic silver screen look. Make-up maestro for Smashbox, Janine Bird shows us how...

'Ms Bacall’s look really speaks of an elegant timelessness,' says Janine. 'Because of this, for all its retro appeal, it really is a look that still feels modern and wearable. Lauren’s signature look is clean, perfected skin, with a strong well-defined brow, contoured cheekbones and that beautiful matt pout in a soft brick-toned red.'

Ace Base
'Skin needs to be matt and flawless so start by using a primer to create the perfect base,' says Janine. 'Next, apply foundation using a stippling brush to blend and build coverage before finishing with a touch of matte powder to set.'
Screen siren must-have: Smashbox Photo Matte Anti - Shine Primer,, £17.00

Sculpture club
'To contour, suck your cheeks in slightly to reveal the hollow under your cheekbones and apply a contouring shade into the hollow from cheek the ear,' says Janine. 'Then, apply a light dusting of bronzer to blend over the cheekbone and the edges of the contour shade for natural-looking definition.'
Screen siren must-have: Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate,, £56

Brow how
'Start by defining the shape using a fine pencil,' says Janine. 'Once you’ve done that you can start filling in the outlined area with a powder to give strong yet softly defined brows.'
Screen siren must-have: Shavata Brow Perfector,, £19.50

Power pout
'For the most precise, screen siren pout, apply concealer all around the outside edge of the lips and blend,' says Janine. 'Follow with lip pencil in a shade that compliments your chosen lip colour before applying the lip colour itself. Blot and repeat application. (If you can’t find a matte version of your favourite red, divide a tissue into two layers and press against the lips before dusting a bit of loose powder over the top and voila!…instant matte!) To ensure your pout looks super-sharp, finish with a flesh-coloured pencil (or your concealer) around the lip-line.'
Screen siren must-have: Mac Lipstick in Brick-O-La,, £15.50

By Cassie Steer

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