Nail art

What is it: No, we’re not talking bad vibes zones, ‘Negative Space’ is the phrase coined for a natural nail with nail art over the top

Why it’s cool: 'Floating nail art or "negative space" nails are a chic, accessible way that anyone of any artistic level can do nail art,' says Butter London’s Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes. 'It’s a trend that I’ve seen grow every season after it emerged at the SS14 shows.'

Floating nail art in two minutes flat: “If you only have a limited amount of time at your disposal, my favourite look to go for is a nude nail with a gold or silver over the top,” says Hughes. “Start with a coat of Butter London’s Nail Foundation Flawless base Coat, £13, which has a slight nude tint to it. Then, using a dotting tool, simply create a bead of metallic nail polish at the cuticle. It dries to resemble a little stud for a cute, edgy look in just a couple of minutes!”
Go graphic: 'A great look that works just as well in the office as on a night out is the triangle nail,' says Hughes. 'All you need is some lacquer and a thin striping brush. Taking your chosen shade – I personally love black for this - dip the striper into the polish and fashion a perfect stripe down the centre of the nail from the cuticle to the tip (you can use some sticky tape if a steady had isn’t your forte). Next, starting at the base of the nail, draw a diagonal stripe from the central line to the outer corner of the nail tip, repeating on the other side, then simply fill in. You’ll end up with a cool graphic nail that looks like it took ages but only it took 10 minutes!  Adding glitter over the top for extra bling looks great too or go smaller for a black moon triangle.'

Modern french
Make like the pros: 'For those of you who have a bit more time on your hands, I love using floating nail art to recreate a modern French mani,' says Hughes. 'It’s as simple as painting the half-moon and tip with the same colour, so that the middle part of the nail is left bare,' says Hughes. 'It looks super cool and chic with a bit of a 60s twist and is something that you can cheat by cutting out bits of tape.'

The Kit:
Butter London’s Nail Foundation Flawless base Coat, £13
Barry M Nail Art pen, £4.99
Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit, £20

By Cassie Steer