How Heidi Klum’s trainer can give YOU the perfect 'butt'

How Heidi Klum’s trainer can give YOU the perfect 'butt'

The man behind Heidi Klum’s Victoria's Secret physique arrives in the UK

How often have you stared at Heidi Klum on the Victoria Secret runway and thought ‘If only…’ 

Luckily for us, the man – David Kirsch - who has perfected her derriere and toned her washboard tummy is launching into Space NK, with his ‘butt book’ and nutritional supplements – to boost your metabolism, give you double-espresso amounts of energy (in a much healthier way) and cleanse your system. 

His ‘butt book’ is designed to make your tush more rounded, sculpted and tighter. All of the above are sure on our lists, can we get an advanced copy? 

We appreciate we’re early birds with this news but the early bird catches the worm and, in this case, we’re hoping the early bird catches a killer pair of abs. 

Keep your eyes peeled ladies as David Kirsch is well known in the celebrity circuit – he also keeps Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway LBD-ready.

You can thank us later! 

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By Alice Ripman


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